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You love the outdoors, but nothing spoils a cold weather adventure faster than cold, sweaty feet. You wear insulated boots and thick socks, but no matter how you try, you can't keep your feet warm and dry. Stop cold, sweaty feet with 35° Below®, the amazing socks developed with aerospace fabric technology to keep feet warm and in the coldest and most extreme conditions. 35° Below® Socks are made with super soft, aluminized threads woven into a breathable, nylon knit fabric that reflects back your body heat, minimizing perspiration and moisture so your feet stay cozy warm, dry and incredibly comfortable. It's advanced sock science for your feet. After just 15 minutes of working in insulated boots, the heavy sock is already moist, but the 35° Below® Socks stays dry. Ordinary cold weather socks are bulky and itchy but 35° Below® Socks are thin, sheer and lightweight to wear by themselves or under your regular socks for a comfortable fit indoors or out. In winter boots, hiking boots, dress boots and shoes, running shoes, any shoes. 35° Below® Socks are ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts like hockey players, skiers, hikers and cold weather bikers. If you're out in the cold to work, for a walk or a run, or just to enjoy your active outdoor lifestyle without cold, wet feet, 35° Below® Socks will keep your spirits high and your feet warm and dry. And they're machine washable and dryer safe so there's no special cleaning required. Bulky electric socks cost up to $50 or more and make your feet sweat, but 35° Below® Socks with similar aerospace fabric technology are just $19.99 for two pair(s). You get three pairs of 35° Below® Socks for only $19.99 and shipping and handling is absolutely FREE! And 35° Below® Socks are also available in white! Here's how to order!

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Buy 3 pair of the 35 Below® Socks for just $19.99 plus FREE shipping & handling. Each offer ordered today will total $19.99.

35° Below® Socks are available in black or white in sizes small/medium & large. This product is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

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